Cornish Rex Kittens

We are delighted to inform you tha we have kittens from binding of:

Thea Zundeja and Avatar Savara

Boy kitten Chase available
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Free for reservation as a pets  from breed I born on 20th June 2020 are:

    • One black boy with painting Chase
    • One blue girl with painting Chloe

Available for pick up beginning of October 2020

And we also have kittens of litter I born on 24th June 2020 from binding of:

Amanda Norel and Avatar Savara

Girl kitten Iowa available

Free for reservation are:

  • tricolor girl Iowa

New kittens from binding of G-Spot of the Oneness and Avatar Savara were born on 8th September 2020. Kittens will be available in December 2020

Vrh H / Litter J
Litter J born on 8th Septeber 2020

One of the three boys are offered also for breeding

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If you are interested you can pay a reservation fee to book kitten for you in advance.