Frequently Asked Questions

You ask mostly the questions below so here you can find our answers to them:

  1. How do cats tolerate loneliness when, for example, we are at work?
    Ideally is to have a partner! These cats also understand dogs.
    When it doesn’t have a partner, it’s individual – even cats their natures vary. In most cases, the cat will cope with it – give it enough toys (you even change them), a comfortable bed and ideally a scratch.
  2. How to take care of a cat?
    The Cornish rex breed is easy to care for. If you do not go to the show or do not have a white cat, it is not necessary to bath very often. Once every 14 days, you just need to cut its claws and clean ears once a week.
  3. How does this breed tolerate allergy sufferers?
    Most allergies to cats are caused by saliva, which is mixed in the hair. Cornish rex releases hair minimally, yet an allergic reaction to a cat cannot be ruled out, it is an individual matter. If you are interested, contact us and we can arrange a visit to us you to try contact with the cat.
  4. What kind of food do you recommend?
    The cat is best used to quality granules. These contain all the important ingredients for the health of the animal. Choose the brands that contain as much meat as possible. It is good to try more brands and let your cat decide what tastes the best 🙂 Time to time give it a special treats.