What You Need for kitten

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I recommend ordering the following items at Zoohit (or elsewhere):

Our kittens can use this toilet with the upper entrance (ie hop in) from 2 months of age, the advantage of this toilet is that it does not take much out of it

I recommend this large shovel for the toilet:

Nail scissors are a must

If you want to invest in quality, choose a scraper from Rajenpets www.rajenpets.cz
A scratcher with a “rosette” and a swing is popular with our cats. Scratchers are very durable, durable and washable.

Farmina N&D Prime (without cereals) kitten version up to about 10 months of age, then choose the variant for neutered cats, if you do not have a cat from us for breeding. In the case of a breeding cat continue and after a year of age, choose a variant of food for adult cats.

anything soft, fluffy that will interest you … a large selection is for both Zoohit and Rajenpets (you can match the scraper cover with the lair cover)

we most often use the clumping litter commonly available in the hypermarket, or we add scents
Our cats have no problem with silicate litter, litter made of corn (benek) or non-clumping litter.