The Oneness Cattery

Welcome to The Oneness CZ cattery

We are breeding cornish rex race cats. Out cattery was founded in 2014 and is registered under the international FIFe organization.

It is “new” type of CRX breed: they are slim, large ears, long legs, narrow skull and therefore smaller head triangle shaped.
Recently we have five breeding cats females and two males.

Until recently we bred 17 litters.

Several our cats have champion or interchampion title.

And here you find facts about CRX standard

Kittens to sell

Two kittens of Litter P from the connection of Aura and Honza are available in the end of October:

Litter P / Vrh P
The Oneness Cattery

Kitten male Model is available immediately. Castrated.

Model of The Oneness
The Oneness Cattery

Available kittens from  litters Q-R-S born in November 2021.  Father of kittens is Hero Honza. In spring 2022 we are planning litters with new male Eros.

In  October 2021 we are going to publish an original weekly table and monthly wall calendar for 2022 in a limited edition with photos of our cats, if you are interested , please let us know using the form below.
Photos for the calendar were made by professional photographer Zorka Konzueľa Šťastná.

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    Cornish Rex Males

    CH Hero Honza The Oneness

    Breeding male, champion title

    born: 10.10.2019

    Hero Honza
    Breeding boy Honza
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    Beroun 15 – 16.2.2020: As a member of litter competetition: Ex1+ Best In Show (BIS)

    Okonor Eros Pista

    Breeding cat male
    Born: 10.4.2021


    About us

    We are little cattery located near Prague. We are breeding cats of Cornish Rex race. Our cattery was founded in 2014 and is registered in the international FIFe organization.

    Since that time we had 13 successful litters. Nowadays we have 1 cat male and 4 cat females for breeding.

    Recent offer of kittens

    Ownwer: Petra Grusová, email: petra dot grusova at email dot cz, mobile: +420 732 545 103. We speak English and Czech.

    Cornish Rex Females

    G-Spot The Oneness

    born on 8th July 2019

    G-Spot Of The Oneness
    The Oneness Cattery
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    Beroun 15 – 16th Feb 2020: Ex1+NOM

    Jackie The Oneness

    Born: *8.9. 2020
    Mother: G-Spot The Oneness
    Father: Avatar Savara

    Aura von Bestensee

    Born on: 24th April 2020

    Father: Edwin The Oneness
    Mother: Havana Mon Sasti

    Breeding cat Aura von Bestensee
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    Helena High Energy

    Born on 9.10.2020

    Helena High Energy
    The Oneness Cattery
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    Ilasha High Energy

    Born on 8.11.2020
    crx f 33 03

    Ilasha High Energy
    The Oneness Cattery
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    If you would like to know more about the breed, about the possibilities of its breeding or who would be interested in kittens or to cover your cat do not hesitate to contact us.

    The breeder is Petra Grusová

    Telephone: 732545103