Cornish Rex Kittens

Nowadays we offer four kittens for sale – Breed E, born on 12th March 2019 from connection of Wicca & Queery

Two of four kittens are now reserved. Available is tabby male Ekam as a pet (castrated – first three pictures) and red-white lady Ella (second three pictures)

Ekam of the Oneness is available
Author: Oneness Cattery
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We also have kittens from connection of Thea & Queery – The Breed “F”  all ladies
Funky Monkey – AVAILABLE
Forever Free – AVAILABLE
Freedom Fighter – RESERVED
Freaky Fantasy – RESERVED

Funky Monkey
Volná k odběru / Available
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We have new kittens Amma Of The Oneness & Queery – The Breed “G” born on 8th July 2019

Kittens available: 2 black males, 2 red white ladies, 1 red lady and 1 black and white male

Pictures coming soon…

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